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 resto shaman (Declined)

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TémanyitásTárgy: resto shaman (Declined)   2011-01-12, 23:58


Na szoval kezdjunk bele. Wowprogressen lattalak titeket. Az elozo guildem bol az osszes baratom lelepett, vagy le fog lepni es egy evre amerikaba is kijottem. Ha nem baj angolul leirom a dolgokat, ha ez valami miatt nemjo akkor szoltok es atirom.

I"m a restoration shaman, i am playing since vanilla wow, and always try to do my best to be the best shaman in the server. I have a lot of experience, i went thru all the raids starting the old AQ40 to ICC. I had so much fun to play, joked around, played some arena, that was really nice.
Since you guys needed all this info, so here it is:

1. Your character name.

2. Where you are from / live.
I live in Florida right now, moving back to Europe in a few month. I am basically from Hungary.

3. Your age.
17, will turn 18 in 29th July

4. A link to your armory

(please note while looking at it, that i did not gemmed/enchanted correctly at all, nor i have maxed professions, i did not have time to play a lot during this year.)

5. Links to any WWS/World of Logs/WowMeterOnline etc. that you have for yourself.
I have a brand new computer here, unfortunately i cannot provide you any SS at all, but if it is a must, i will get my raid interface, gems/enchants/profs well and send/upload it.)

6. A Screenshot of your user interface, ideally in a raid environment.

7. An explanation of how you approach your char and what you feel is important to focus on.

I always look what is the spec that i like the best. Then get the appropriate gear/gems/enchants read thru everything, so i will know what i have to use in some situations, and be the best in my class.
I did AQ40, NAX40, all the 70, 80. We can say i finished all the content before Cataclysm, and can carry 5 years of straight raiding experience, focus and brain to your guild. I have 4 alts, a LoD priest and rogue, and a paladin, but i mainly focus on the shaman.
I started to play with some of my friends, and they invited me to their guild, and we achieved everything together. The guild name was Bad Omen if it makes any sense.

8. A history of your experience and previous guilds.
Mentioned above

9. Any references you wish to cite.

I'm not sure that you guys need this information, or have that much time to read thru it, but i think knowing more about me is helps you guys to decide whether you need me or not.
So as i said above i started playing after WoW hit in like 4 month. I used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 and my team was pretty much the best team in Hungary, we even managed to go to World Cyber Games once. When i do something, such as playing games, i am really competitive and want to my best to be the best. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it's not, but i can deal with failures, and learn from my mistakes so next time i can do even better.
I born in Hungary lived there for 16 years, then moved to Florida for a year. I can speak Hungarian, and English fluently and i know some Spanish.
I am going to study programming in college (such as C++) i have a few projects with my team (some sort of FPS games, not a big deal). In my free time i play WoW of course. I know some guys say that is lame or whatever they say, i enjoy playing it, like everybody else so why should i quit?
I can make the raid times without any issue. I can stay up until 1-2 in the morning, in the weekdays, in the weekends, whenever you guys need to:)
I love joking around, but i can be serious in some cases of course. I am respectful and I use my brain in raids, and i am not going to get mad if i do not get loot. I know i am a new guy, and anyways.. I play for fun, and had so much of competitive spirit which always made me do my best and not fail in raids.
If i have the privilege to attend on raids, i am going to be there on time, not going to AFK, and will do my best in order to keep the guild at the top. I have mic and everything all set up.

10. Connection/Computer info, a stable computer and connection are absolutely essential so do not apply without both of these things.

I have a MacBook Pro right now, but at home i have an Alian ware comp, with Razer accessories since it is a must for me. Will easily manage raids without any issues (including network) (Doing 25 man raids over 100 FPS, never disconnected, except some time when my internet provider had issues, but nobody is perfect, things happens.)

11. Contact info, msn/mIRC etc

I use this mail so if you guys think i could be your man, i would love to give more information, or meet up for real. (itt az emailem:

For the end, i just want to thank you, that you took your time and looked over my application. I would love to raid with you guys, achieve as much as we can together. Please whatever you decide, reply me if you have some time. And even if i can't make to get in i wish you guys all the best, keep the good work up! Smile

Yours sincerely,

Csaba Egerszegi

Annyit fuznek hozza hogy ev vegeig meg amerikaban vagyok, es esetleg a raideket este 7-8 tol tudom csak teljesiteni az idoeltolodas miatt. 6 oraval vagyok elottetek. Junisuban erek haza.
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TémanyitásTárgy: Re: resto shaman (Declined)   2011-01-13, 00:18

Most nezem nektek is van sablon hogy kelett volna leirni, ezert elnezest kerek, de igy atolvasva nagyjabol mindent leirtam. Amit nem azt mellekelem itt:

Mennyit tudsz hetente/naponta játszani? Progress esetén heti 5 nap raidelünk H,K,SZ,CS,V. Raidjeink 18:50-23:00-ig tartanak

Minden nap vagyok, minden raidet meg tudok csinalni ezzel nincs gond. Persze mindig kozbejohet valami,akkor jelzem ingame/telo vagy valahol.

- Mennyit szoktál Online lenni(nem csak a wowban): Hétköznap/hétvége (-tól-ig)
4- ejfelig

- A bejelentkezett raidre nem érsz haza időben, mit teszel?
Telefonalok termeszetesen

- Mik a céljaid a wowban, és mik a jövőbeli elképzeléseid a wow-on belül (mennyi időre tervezed pályafutásod)?
Sajnos Cata nem olyan mint vartam, es a jatek sokmindenben megvaltozott. Ezen felul azert meg mindig van benne potencial. A cel szerver firstok, content takaritas, es gladiator
-Képes vagy-e a progress érdekében az IRL és egyéb dolgaidat a háttérbe szorítani és aktívan itt lenni a raideken? (pl új contetnél,progress időszak)
Igen, szeretem ha aktiv elet van a guilden belul.

- Van e egyéb hobbid vagy fix elfoglaltságod amit bizonyos fix időpontokat/időszakokat érintenek (pl. „ősszel szüretelés miatt nem szoktam 2hétig játszani”)
Nem nagyon, kondizni jarok es baratnom van, de van hely wownak is boven.

- Hogyan érsz rá általában a nyári időszakban?
Melotol fugg, de altalaban akkor is nagyon aktiv vagyok.

- Miért minket választottál?
Sajnos regi guildem mar nem annyira jo, es szeretnem a wowot aktivan folytatni. Egy jo guildben persze Smile
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TémanyitásTárgy: Re: resto shaman (Declined)   2011-01-14, 18:06

Egy kis türelmet kérnénk, illetve valszeg egy ventrilos beszélgetést.

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TémanyitásTárgy: Re: resto shaman (Declined)   2011-01-15, 03:08

Ha dontottetek, es kellek ventrire irtok emailt es felmegyek.
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Hozzászólások száma : 235
Join date : 2009. Jun. 14.
Age : 29
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TémanyitásTárgy: Re: resto shaman (Declined)   2011-01-19, 13:54

Sry, hogy megvárakoztattunk, de ezt kicsit komolyabban át kellett beszélni. Sajnos nem tudunk felvenni. Declined. Gl a továbbiakban.

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TémanyitásTárgy: Re: resto shaman (Declined)   

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resto shaman (Declined)
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